The 'Start of Change' Catalyst Hockey is born

For the past two years we have been researching and developing our range of field hockey products. Having contacted and tested numerous sticks from various suppliers we finally found our chosen supplier. We had plenty of breakages, frustrations and success along the way but ultimately we knew we had to find the right product for us. So a little about us a new company joining a fairly competitive market what makes us stand out. The old 'Made by the players for the players' is not something we are using so that makes us stand out a little...Our designs are completely unique we use a carbon percentage of 95% or 75% we feel these are the two best options right now for a combination of speed, feel and power. Our LB range features a small groove to aid aerials and drag flicking, however this won't affect your trapping or slapping ability it's slight rather than a full cavity you see on some sticks these days. We will keep this up to date as much as we can thanks for reading #catalysthockey