What is the best Dragflicking Stick?

Catalyst Hockey are proud to announce that the LX1 has been voted in BossFHockey's top 5 Dragflicking sticks. For those of you that don't know about BossFHockey they are an independent stick review, and field hockey company with over 50,000 followers on Instagram. 

BossFHockey did an in depth review of the LX1 earlier this year which can be watched below;


Just a month ago the team at BossFHockey summarised their top 5 sticks based on dragflicking alone. 

'new kid on the block has really turned up straight out of the gate. A nice aggressive XLB curve a subtle groove to keep the ball central on the shaft. The stick really gives you fantastic accuracy and power, letting you pick your spot and the fire the ball there. I used this stick to hit a target target in the bottom corner (because I couldn't get it to stay in the top corner). This stick had a really nice transition from pickup to release and gave a lot of confidence from the top of the D.  '