What is coming next for Catalyst Hockey?

Here at Catalyst Hockey we are constantly listening to our customers all over the world. We have created field hockey focus groups consisting of international, National League and Grassroots hockey players with the aim of ensuring our products are as close to perfect as we can make them. 

Our most popular stick so far has been the Catalyst LX1, it was the first stick we developed and released back in 2020 and it has been voted in the top 5 dragflicking sticks by BossFHockey, alongside this Catalyst Hockey was voted as best new field hockey brands by Hooked Hockey. 

Following on from the success of the LX1 our focus groups and customer feedback showed there was a demand for a lower carbon model. The mould was still favourable but some of our customers would like a softer touch on their stick in comparison with the stiffer 95% carbon feel that our LX1 has today. This is where the Catalyst LX2 was born, made in our brand new Crimson red, the stick mould is identical to the LX1 but with a reduced 75% carbon make up. 

Our other new announcement is the brand new goalkeeper stick the SF1. We once again shipped in multiple moulds from various suppliers to trial with our focus group. Ultimately one particular model was a favourite with a slight adjustment in balance point we have created what we believe to be the perfect field hockey goalkeeper stick. The mould features a curved profile to increase the surface area and make those diving stick-sides saves just that little bit easier. Keep an eye on the blog for more information and testing videos over the coming months.