MX1 - Our traditional bowed stick, a controled dribble now that suits a more consistant player, whos game is reliable.

XX1 - A low bow stick with a low bend point making this a great stick for fans of the traditional extra low bow

LX1 - Our stick created for dragflickers, the bow is slightly less curved than the XX but includes a thinned head and groove down the shaft to ensure all the power is through the ball. The toe shape is longer to allow a larger trapping area for the ball.

LX2 - This stick is the exact same as the mould above however it is made of 75% carbon as opposed to the 95% carbon LX1.

YX1 - Our newest 2024 model, low bow and 'triangular' mould perfect for the trickiest of players.

HX1 -Our most bowed stick to day, this will suit dragflickers who prefer a stick without the groove in the shaft.

HX1 - Features geometric design to increase stiffness and power when striking the ball. The headhshape is longer for those players focused on control and precision.

XX1 - Our thickest head shape for ultimate power when hitting or slapping the ball, the hook is a more standard shaped for ball control, but features a tapered edge to aid with 3d skills.

MX1 - Very similar in style to the XX1 head shape but with a slightly rounder toe, this is our medium bowed stick aimed to provide the most traditional bow and head shape for players used to this stick style.

LX1 - Our longest head shape which increases the surface area available to trap the ball. The head is slightly thinner than traditional models and features a concave face to aid with 3d skills and the continuation of the dragflicking groove.

LX2 - This stick is the exact same as the mould above however it is made of 75% carbon as opposed to the 95% carbon LX1.

YX1 - Our latest development for 2024 with a 'triangular' shaped reverse side. Increasing the surface area in the main areas without the need for a super thick stick!


Our Materials

Hockey brands have increased over the past few years and with multiple different terms being used for materials we want to be clear and concise with what goes into a Catalyst Hockey stick. 

Toray Carbon

Taiwaness, Japanese, Korean there are many different names being given to Carbon but surely carbon is just carbon irrelevant of where it is produced? We chose to make our sticks from Toray Carbon one of the largest names in carbon fibre manufacture. Many hockey sticks are produced in Pakistan and locally sourced carbon is not always of the highest quality, that is why we chose to use Toray Carbon this ensures that the carbon use in a Catalyst Stick is of the highest quality.

Catalyst Field Hockey Sticks

There are advances being made in science and technology everyday, we utilise this advantage to make sure our sticks will suit your game perfectly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Season Long Stick Warranty

We are happy to provide a season long (6 month) stick warranty meaning if your stick breaks from normal usage we will replace it for you. We are so confident in our manufacture process that we want to give you that same peace of mind.